Sunday, January 20, 2008

Hearing from God in HD

This is my first entry. More lately than in many years God's word is speaking to me in High Definition. I'm drawn to open my bible and hear from Him. What is being conveyed in those pages seems new and fresh.

We recently got a 56" HD TV in our family room. Watching a program or football game in the other room with the old 42", not in HD seems dull and lack-luster...much less interesting. I feel like I've been reading scripture for a long time in this same way. But suddenly every detail and bit of wisdom is in sharp focus. I'm catching the subtle nuances that have been escaping me.

In "hearing" this message so clearly, I have come to realize God has been talking to me for a long time about stepping up my writing and speaking, but I just couldn't bring it into clarity. There was too much static in my mind, life and spirit. For whatever reason, I have now been able to, as Kevin Costner says in the baseball movie For Love of the Game, "clear the mechanism" and focus.

My experience in life with parenting, inlaws, marriage, mental health advocacy, missions efforts, travel and civic participation has provided fodder for much to say that I hope will be encouraging, if not informative or brilliant.

I desire and aspire to point to and reflect Christ's glory as I share on these various topics. My prayer is that my words, too will be written and read in high def.

Diane Markins


Joni Corby said...

Way to go, hermana! You're cookin' now!

maggie said...

May the Lord bless your efforts of sharing your experiences with Him to glorify His name! I am praying for you to maintain clarity and the ability to "clear the mechanism"! Love you.

Marilynn said...

Good job girlfriend!!!
Prayer's are being answered left and right, I love it. He is so awesome, keep believing.