Sunday, August 31, 2008

Sarah Palin: Rock Star or Rock Solid?

She’s kind of a political babe, McCain’s running mate. A former beauty queen. Does that disqualify her? Do most people believe that a woman must look like one of the Janet’s (Reno or Napalitano) to serve well in public office? Uhhg—I hope not! (Style is a personal choice but neither of them shares mine.)

Many people have talked about how attractive Obama is. Loads of women thought (and may still believe) that President Clinton was a stud muffin. McCain may look like a little grandpa now, but if you check out his pictures in the military—WOW! He was a rock star. And Mitt (hate the name but love the face)…pa leeeze.

She’s pro life and doesn’t seem to mince words about it. Either you are or you aren’t and so many politicians try to walk the fence on this one: “I don’t believe in abortion personally, but I support a woman’s right to choose.” That’s such a cop-out. Either you believe it’s wrong and killing unborn innocents shouldn’t be done, or you don’t. Speak up and say it loud either way. I like that she does.

She’s not squeamish about guns. She’s a life-long member of the NRA and a hunter. While I’m not a hunter and think it’s pretty gross to go kill something, I get it. Wildlife management is a precise science. Without hunters thinning the herd in a methodical way, the ecosystem would be in chaos. I’m glad she’s tough enough to do it. Also, I’d much prefer someone who supports legal use of weapons (where people have rules, training and licenses) than just saying, “Guns kill! Let’s ban ‘em all!” Then the criminals are the ones left with guns under their beds and in their glove compartments.

Sarah Palin supports off-shore drilling. She loves the outdoors (as shown by her love of hunting, fishing, running, snowmobiling and boating.) Protecting the environment she loves is a high priority. She’s even gone on record as supporting the portion of Obama’s energy plan that would complete the Alaska Pipeline.

She opposes gay marriage but knows how to pace herself in this battle. She recently signed same-sex benefits into law because, “legal options to avoid doing so ran out.” Knowing how to compromise without compromising your position takes finesse.

While her foreign policy position isn’t clear yet, I’m certain it has been made clear to John McCain. Palin has a son in the Army who is just about to deploy to Iraq. She’ll take a vested interest in what’s going on over there! You can believe she’ll support the US military and will be well-versed in strategy. Any wise person surrounds themselves with good advisors when they lack experience, so although she hasn’t served in the military I have no doubt she’ll be fully informed for decision-making, and will grow in this area under the experienced tutelage of McCain.

Her degree is in journalism, so she can communicate well—with the press, with her own country and with others in the world. This art of skilled communication takes training. The fact that she began her career with this foundational schooling is a huge plus.

She’s the mother of five, including a child with Down’s Syndrome. That alone shows you she’s extremely tough, she is a diplomat and she can probably juggle pretty well.

I’m sold. Are you? Check out Sarah Palin at :
Diane Markins


Anonymous said...

good stuff. i like the fact that she has not been shaping her political career from the day she graduated college. she only got involved because she didn't like what was going on on the board of the school district where her child was. she became mayor and eventually "guv-nuh". it almost seems that she didn't ever "climb" up in her political career, but was raised by those around her. that's very refreshing considering that most folks like obama, like the clintons have been calculating thier every move like machines just for a SHOT at the white house for decades. i really hope she is a christian and i really hope God uses this to bless her. ...and us!


Diane Markins said...

Agreed. It does seem that she has a genuineness about her that sets her apart. I'm eager to learn more and hope she's tough enough to withstand the attacks that are sure to come her way in the upcoming weeks.

Anonymous said...

Palin attended Wasilla High School in Wasilla, Alaska, where she was the head of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes chapter at the school

Linda S Fitzgerald said...

Hello Diane,

Great stuff! Yes, she's ROCK SOLID! I encourage you to read my yesterday's question on the forum at I asked the ? that if Sarah was a 'male' would there be such a 'flap' over her 17 year-old daughter being pregnant out of wedlock. . . as if that doesn't happen daily in this country. . . in the best of families!

As you say. . . "pa leeze!"


Diane Markins said...

What a good question! I honestly hadn't thought about relating that specific issue to gender. My initial thought was, "What does that have to do with anything?" I'm pleased with the response from both political camps. Hopefully this will blow over quickly and, if they're gonna "bring it", they'll bring it over issues that impact her ability to hold this office.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a rock start to me mama!