Sunday, January 18, 2009

Lion King: Backstage

We recently had the opportunity to see the touring production of Disney's Lion King. It was breathtaking; flawless choreography, beautiful voices, elaborate sets and colorful costumes.The dancers were talented and energetic and the life-sized puppetry actually inspired memories of being on safari in Africa.

As an unexpected bonus I met a new friend -- a dancer in this show, who took us on a backstage tour. We got to stand on the stage of Grady Gammage Auditorium and gain the cast's perspective. We saw how they suspend the zebras and hyenas on chains to quickly drop onto dancers.We even got to meet the performers out of costume.

Did it ruin the magic? Hardly. Sometimes knowing more about how the show's produced and who's under the costumes and behind the scenes results in even greater appreciation. Knowing that about 100 people tour and nearly 50 people are hired locally to make this spectacle happen broadens the magnitude. More than 15 big trucks haul the set from city to city as it is broken down and reconstructed.

We sat in our seats while this experience enchanted us for a couple of hours. Then (for us) it was over. But the investment of time, energy and talent it took to create this gift is astounding. In our hurry-up, movie-going world, some of this would surely have been lost on me if I hadn't been allowed this little glimpse backstage. The value of my $100 ticket suddenly seemed like an extreme bargain.

It is easy to "buy a ticket" and "sit in our seat" as we watch God all around us. We often forget that we have an open invitation to be behinds the scenes, learning first-hand the investment it takes to make the "circle of life" continue. Take advantage of this magnificent opportunity to fully appreciate the intricacies and investment of time spent listening to our concerns, meeting our needs and bringing comfort. Stand on-stage with THE producer and truly marvel at what He's doing: again and again.

Are you still in your seat? Share what's keeping you there or what got you to move.
Diane Markins


Linda S. Fitzgerald said...

This post reminds me of a 'dream/vision' I had when asking the Lord a question about the entirety of the salvific plan. I won't go into it here. . . but basically is was the difference between a ticket to seats in a very poor section of the stadium in which one could only see the lights of the stage. . but not what was happening there. And those who were seated in the best seats who could see/experience it all!

The "ticket" comes to us "free of charge" as a "gift" as someone else paid the price. As for me, I want to sit in the front row.

Better still - I want a "front row seat"!

Diane Markins said...

Linda, judging by your words, I'd say you're reservation is already in place!

Deanna Petriello said...

Unfortunately, at this point in my life, I'd have to say I'm definitely still seated. I feel like I'm just watching the world go on around me, but I'm not taking part in it. Thanks for the post.

Diane Markins said...

Consider this your invitation. There is so much to be in awe of when you jump in!

Anonymous said...

This blog really struck home for me as it sent me back several years ago when I first saw the Lion King production in Toronto. I remember being amazed and so curious about how they made that or how did they do that. What an amazing opportunity it was to go behind the scenes.
Love the blogs.

Rebel Taylor said...

GREAT visual lesson Diane! I am constantly amazed at all God is doing "behind the scenes". He is continually at work and as you said, He's waiting on us to join Him and be a part of the circle of life.

May you continue to receive revelation and discernment to see "behind the scenes".

Thank you for sharing!

Diane Markins said...

Sorry but the new post for today isn't coming up for some reason. I hate tech glitches!