Sunday, March 22, 2009

Face It: Your Expressions Tell All

I was sitting at a Suns game with a bored, stony expression as the season slipped away. Guess I won't be wearing orange again 'til October. No playoffs likely. As I glanced forward a nice-looking 20-something man hawking lemonade climbed the stadium stairs approaching our aisle seats. As my eyes were drawn to glance at him, away from the debacle on the hardwood, he caught and held my gaze, and blasted me with a huge smile.

In an instant my face was mirroring his. My husband had also been looking ahead and had watched the man approach, offer me a lingering smile, and pass. He turned to me and kidded, "He really must have liked you."

I said, "I think he just likes to smile." As I sat with that stupid grin on my face it made me wonder why anyone offers an unconditional smile to a grim-faced stranger. I frequently have strangers admonish me, "smile!"...because I am often so caught up in pondering my deep thoughts that I forget there are others in the vicinity. I am not angry or unhappy;,just preoccupied.

Smiling Requires Effort and Intention

I have also smiled at strangers to only have them not return it. It doesn't deter me from doing so again, but makes me sad for the person who is so distracted or unhappy they can't transform their face for a moment.

My point? Live in the moment and be aware of what your face says to those around you. The old saying is so true, smiles are infectious. Offer yours freely and often. You never know what that little offering of kindness might mean.
Are you a sourpuss or do you frequently grin like the cheshire cat? Do you think it matters? Comment below.
Diane Markins
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Anonymous said...

I have always heard that you should always smile it makes people wonder what you are up to!

Anonymous said...

Mary Kay always said to her consultants "You may be the only Bible some people will ever read." These were her words to us over and over again. What I have come to learn is that many people will never even come near "the book" if the cover isn't appealing! What a great reason to smile!
Pat Williams
Sales Director, Mary Kay Cosmetics

shannon said...

I absolutely love to smile and especially love laughing. I think it shows people that you are a happy fun person and it naturally draws people to you. I almost always smile at strangers wherever I am… grocery store, gas station, mall, etc… and I always return the smile when I am smiled at. Sometimes when I smile at a passerby it takes them a minute to figure out that I am smiling at them and they are almost past me by the time they realize they too should or want to smile back. Hahaha. I love it just thinking about it. You know, sometimes I even add in a “Hi” if the moment seems right.

I am glad to hear that there are others out there that give off such a beaming smile that it would inspire you so much to Blog about it. :) Great topic Dieane :)

Oh, and by the way, anyone who knows me or should I say, anyone who receives any sort of written communication from me knows that I always always always put smiley’s all over the place in my written communication. Someone pointed that out to me. I knew that I did it but it wasn’t exactly conscious. I guess unconsciously I like to smile too :)