Sunday, August 9, 2009

Hummingbirds VS. Bees: The Battle Rages On!

Uninvited Guests at the Bird Feeder

There is a big window in front of my desk overlooking my grass-covered front yard with a big tree providing highly coveted summer-time shade. My dogs are usually somewhere under foot and my cat typically has his head resting near my keyboard.

I recently hung a hummingbird feeder in front of the window and was stunned by how the word got out (maybe Twitter?) because those little guys dart in and out all day long for sips of the nectar inside. They are so beautiful with a variety of bold colors as they pause for a bit of refreshment before they zoom off at warp speed.

Sometimes the hummingbirds are blocked from the goodies. The sparrows have also learned of this free feast and frequently perch on it as they hoard the fluid inside. They bully the hummingbirds into a speedy retreat. I guess it's ok, because sparrows are nice to watch too, and the hummingbirds find their way to the bar throughout the day for any remaining juice.

A couple of days ago I plopped down at my desk and opened the blinds to see which feathered critters were indulging and to my surprise (and horror) the hummingbird-turned-sparrow-feeder had morphed into a beehive. Wait just a minute! I hung this for the cute little birdies. I didn't invite these poisonous pests for lunch, but here they were...and not a bird in sight. I guess bees trump birds.

This reminded me of the fact that often God creates things for a specific purpose with specifically intended recipients to be blessed. But quite often others take this offering without permission and use it for their own desires.

Sex is the first thing that comes to mind (keep the stupid remarks to yourself). God created the beautiful act to foster intimacy between a man and woman who have made a life-long covenant. But many people steal this glorious activity and use it for sport.

Food and wine were meant to nourish our bodies, allowing us to be strengthened for all that God asks us to do, but lots of us eat and drink with little regard for the outcome of what we ingest. We over-indulge and don't give our bodies enough of the fuel it needs.

Dancing and singing were for celebrating in a way that exhorted God, not in ways that demean or exclude Him. But much of popular music and dancing is lascivious, racist, sexist and blasphemous.

The only way I knew to remedy the hummingbird feeder dilemma was to let it dry out completely and hope the usurpers would buzz off. They did but I'm guessing they'll be back when I refill it with the refreshment they seek. I may have to just leave it dry. Let's hope God doesn't ever decide to withhold his bounty because of how we misuse it. Your thoughts? Comment here.

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Anonymous said...

I agree that there are many good things that people use in the wrong ways. I love good wine but hate to be around people who are falling down drunk.