Sunday, December 20, 2009

What's Done is Done

What's done is done. I'm not talking about accepting consequences or painful circumstances. I'm being literal. As of today (December 20th), what I've gotten done is all that's getting done for Christmas this year.

In years past I'm typically bouncing around like a monkey on speed by this date. I dart from one store to the next looking for stocking stuffers, a wish-list item, something to wear to a party or ingredients for a dish I still have to prepare.

This year I'm going to sit down with a cup of eggnog and watch an old Christmas movie—maybe even two, then take a nap and maybe bake some cookies...because those are things I enjoy. Some of my friends may even get a plate of cookies (if I don't eat all of them myself), some may not...hopefully they know I love them even if the cookies aren't on time.

I'm going to do a little service work, distributing toys at the Salvation Army warehouse and at church on Christmas Eve. I'm not going to be rushed or upset that I have to fit those things in because I'm eliminating other things that don't matter as much.

In lieu of the gifts I was unable to purchase, I'm going to make up a hand-written gift certificate (no fancy computer graphics)...just a simple explanation of what I want to give. I'll pay up and they know where to find me.

I may take a leisurely drive to enjoy Christmas lights or sit outside with my husband by the chiminea (a portable clay fireplace from Mexico) with a cup of cocoa. I won't be wrapping after midnight or cooking at two a.m. If I'm up early it will be to spend a little extra quiet time alone with God.

My dogs may get a bath and (adorned with a bow) they might get to strut around the neighborhood. We'll wish everyone we meet a Merry Christmas. I will make some phone calls to check in with loved ones far away, skipping the Ecards because it is so delightful to hear their voices.

I won't worry about anything that wasn't done by today, including a longer blog post. I hope you are done too, and I wish you a blessed and peaceful Christmas.

Diane Markins


Robin Nobert said...

Very nicely said Diane!
I agree totally!

Margie said...

I really loved this one! It's a whole different way to Experience God. Be in the world, but not of the world. Way to go.