Sunday, January 24, 2010

Motoring Through Life

True Confession: Alternating between applying a final coat of mascara and sipping coffee as I dashed to work, it suddenly occurred to me that I was exceeding the speed limit. (Note to self: If I get out the door a little sooner I can relax as I head off to where I'm going.) I am typically a really careful driver but on this day I was just cramming too much in and confess to not being as wise as I should have. Oooh, I'd better slow down I thought, recalling that the police sometimes set traps in this area to issue citations.

In this same little neighborhood is a sign that says, "It's our town, please slow down." This is intended to remind motorists that the people living in this quiet residential area want to protect what's important to them (children, animals, property) from irresponsible drivers.

In life we rush and hurry. We try to pack as much in as possible and blast off to the next thing. If we'd consider some of the rules of the road, perhaps they'd help us to arrive at our intended destinations in a more timely and productive manner.

  1. Stay in your own lane. If we mind our own business and not try to "help" others take care of theirs, we're less likely to have collisions.
  2. Watch the road: Don't let your latte, radio buttons or cell phone distract you. When we remain focused on the job at hand and intent upon accomplishing a specific purpose we'll finish well and without undesired dents and damage.
  3. Don't exceed the posted speed limit. When we make realistic plans and do our best to honor them, less rushing is required. This results in a less stressful trip through our day.
  4. Be courteous to fellow drivers. Just as there are days when we are in high speed mode, others find themselves stressed and pressured sometimes too. When they whiz by, bumping and knocking us off balance, grace and kindness are always the best responses. (Avoid honking or hand gestures!)
  5. When you're headed in the wrong direction, find a place to make a U turn or find an alternate route to get back on track. Everyone makes mistakes, but if we keep moving forward instead of correcting and re-directing, we'll never get where we'd really like to be.
  6. Merge carefully into traffic. As we arrive at work, school or come home to be with the family, things are already in motion. It helps to look around and join people in progress rather than expecting them to align with the pace or mood we come in with. (Unless their realignment is a necessary improvement and you facilitate this by bringing the mood UP.)

There are many others, but these a few good road rules to use on your journey. As you go through your busy days this week, pay extra attention to the traffic signs (life principles) put in place to keep you safe and help get you where you're going without running out of gas. As you do your part, you ensure that others arrive in good shape as well.

Can you think of other driving tips that could be applied to daily living? Share your brilliant insights below!
Diane Markins


Margie said...

These "rule of the road" are great reminders to those of us who think we know the best way to accomplish everything that God has gifted others with talents to compliment those talents He has blessed us with. Peace and grace are lavished on us so freely that surely we can pour some out on those we come in contact with who are highly stressed. Changing our attitudes quite frequently leads to finding more joy as the Holy Spirit gets the opportunity to reveal it to us!
Thanks for sharing with me especially!
Peace & Grace to you,

Anonymous said...

Well put - thanks!
- Andy

Anonymous said...

Diane, your blog this morning was wonderful. So filled with wisdom. I truly look forward to your words.
Donna, PA

Ally Johnson said...

The traffic rule that applies to me is the big red YIELD sign. I have to remember to let others have the right of way...especially when I want to go my own way. It takes discipline, I'm working on it.