Sunday, January 3, 2010

Say it Obama: "You're Fired!"

Nuts and Bolts of Running our Country

My husband and I own a small business. He is the president of the company and oversees the day-to-day operations. We wholesale fasteners— nuts and bolts, and do a small amount of custom manufacturing, mostly for the construction industry.

An engineer designs plans to build a bridge, and then he gives those plans to a contractor, who gives a list of materials to a purchasing agent. This person gets quotes from all his suppliers for every item on the list. Nuts and bolts are typically at the bottom of the list both in cost and in the minds of those planning the project. However, they are absolutely necessary to hold the foundational pieces together.

When the purchasing agent communicates with us about the fasteners required, we provide the company with a cost and time-line to meet his needs. With all these people involved, each having their own demands, priorities and areas of expertise, it would be easy to have miscommunications. Someone could forget to indicate a need for a particular strength or misread plans and the length they order from us is a tiny fraction too short.

Fortunately, complications like this are very rare. However, if they do occur, the cost is ridiculously high. No one is foolish enough to risk a bridge collapsing or a building crumbling, so things would be torn down and redone. Also, those involved would certainly lose their jobs.

Sounding familiar? On Christmas day, in spite of watch lists and warnings by a terrorist's own father, there was a major breakdown in the system. Lives could have been lost. Our President is wagging his finger and his tongue about how terrible it is, but no one has been held responsible. No one has been fired for their dismal job performance.

Instead, millions of innocent travelers will be inconvenienced by yet another silly protocol change on airlines. Once again, the tail wags the dog. I can only imagine Al Qadea operatives sitting around yucking it up about the hoops they're making us jump through. "Let's use toe nail polish next time...hehehe."

If only the security of our nation was as meticulously run as construction projects in the U.S., where even the nuts and bolts get proper attention...

Do you agree? Do you know of any industry or business where people wouldn't lose their jobs for such failings? Comment below.
Diane Markins


Anonymous said...

You would have to care about quality before you hold some one to standards. The President is so bent on dismantaling our country and rebuilding it into a Marxist Paradise that these occurances are minor distractions.

The best team is only as good as they are allowed to be. When you are not allowed to "profile" those who commit these types of acts by the President, The Secretary of Homeland Security, ACLU but must search 87 year old grandmas from Tulsa, you will tend to overlook someone that is acting nervous,paid cash for their ticket, has no luggage, and is on a watch list, so you can be fair and not "Profiling" anyone.

If you wanted to fire who is responsible it would be policy makers and decision makers who come up with silly Politically Correct decisions in time of war and pretend we are playing cops and robbers with people bent on killing us and changing our country to an islamic state.

Anonymous said...

"Incompetent politicians", two words that that have captured the same meaning and are the polar opposite of the word "responsibility". Both parties suffer from calamity and the only recourse open to the tax paying public is at the ballot box.

Vote, Vote , Vote

Anonymous said...

Ah - I just moved to Ahwatukee to retire and folks warned me to watch out for simple answers from simple minds. Here it is.

This has nothing to do with nuts and bolts, but everything to do with our Constitution and individual rights. Wasn't it a Republican from Utah (concerned about a "faceless" look that a scanner would have of his wife and daughter) that led the fight to stop scanners that would have found this? And, yes, it was cosponsored by a Democrat concerned about individual liberty. And, as I recall, Obama wasn't President.

Let's have those willing to be scanned (the one that looks through clothing) fly on some flights, and those unwilling to be scanned fly on other flights. I know, unworkable, but fun to think about.

Anonymous said...

Right on, Diane! Not going to touch the political aspects of this. It's less an indictment of the president than it is of our wussified culture. Every time I take off my shoes at an airport, I think of the moron who's responsible for the ritual. We ban on-flight toothpaste and think we're accomplishing something. Ha! It's all a charade. And until people are held accountable, that's all it will be.

Doug Carroll

Anonymous said...

Good morning!! Excellent comment! Politically correct and pat the hand and no
harsh punishment for the crime! Just a common place occurrence! I'm glad that
I can see things differently now that I have grownup!! Seems like the box
grows smaller and smaller! Nobody seems to look outside this box to see what
the ramifications would be to all involved! People need to wake up and see what is really happening
around them and get involved!
J. G.

Anonymous said...

You bet Diane! Your analysis was great.
Bud H., Tucson