Sunday, February 21, 2010

Training for Eternity

"The God who created us to do good works (Eph 2:10) will not cancel this purpose when he resurrects us to inhabit the new universe." Randy Alcorn, Heaven

Each day we are in training. For those of us who believe that life doesn't end when we take our final breath on earth, this is a fact. As we open our eyes in the morning we are presented with new opportunities to become stronger, wiser, kinder...better.

Our time in this life is simply our practice field for eternity. It may seem like life is long and as we enter our senior years, we should be able to rest. But according to time on an everlasting scale, this life is only a blip. There is no point in time to assume we're done or we've "arrived." God has a purpose for each of us as long as we are drawing breath. He has created us with specific gifts and passions. If we aren't cultivating, honing and applying them, we're wasting precious time and resources.

According to the Bible, we aren't going to be sitting around on cloud-covered furniture watching Angel TV in heaven. We'll be working. This was clearly established when God told Adam to pick up that first hoe. (There are a million jokes slamming around in my brain right now, but they're too easy.)

Travel, recreation and fun times are all good things. We need refreshment for our weary spirits before we dig in again. Those peaceful or laughter-filled occassions can also be great because they enrich us and make us more complete.

But when we are lazy, complaining or passing the hours engaged in activities that we aren't meant to be doing, we will be less prepared for the assignment we get tomorrow and tommorow and in heaven. If your heart's desire is to be a farmer but you spend your days as a mailman, you may be missing the target.

Learning the uquique gifts you've been given is a good starting block. Looking for opportunities to enhance and use those spiritual gifts is the essential next step. God has a path layed out for us. It is filled with little growth assignments. If we stray, we don't grow.

For those who are fulfilled and contented in how they spend their days, pray for those who aren't. If you don't feel like you're training for your next assignment, visit your pastor or consider reading the Purpose Driven Life (or any number of other books on the topic).

Is your time well spent? How do you know? Love to hear your thoughts.
Diane Markins


Kara Jensen said...

I love your perspective and how you bring everything together for understanding. :)

Dawn Rutledge said...

Believe it or not, The Purpose Driven Life was one of the first Christian books I ever read (other than Hinds Feet and a few Frank Peretti books) and I still come back to it over and over again. We need to treat this life as the training ground for the next and that requires us to stretch both upward and outward. Great, points Diane. You're spot on!