Sunday, March 14, 2010

Progressing Through Storms

As my husband and I sat on the balcony of our rented condo overlooking a large expanse of ocean, it was a sunny and peaceful day. The waves in Rocky Point, Mexico on the Baja pennisula are typically small and the water is calm. That was Thursday.

Saturday and Sunday presented a vastly different picture. We couldn't sit outside because of extreme wind and rain. The previously sedate blue water transformed into pounding waves with angry white tops. The water and sky were matching shades of gray and there wasn't a human form in site.

Interestingly, the birds (and presumably sea critters) weren't phased at all. They continued to go about the business of life. The gulls and pelicans coasted with the updrafts and dove into the chilly water to snatch tasty morsels. Finches and sparrows splashed around in little puddles on deck looking for crumbs from the night before. None of them seemed to fear the storm or cowered away, waiting for the turmoil to end before resuming their plight.

Surfers and scuba divers mimic these water-loving creatures. Whether there is rain slashing down or the surging waters roil around them, these sea enthusiasts aren't diverted.

We could all take a lesson from them. Most of us get our jobs done without too much difficulty when our surroundings are calm, but when the storms of life hit, we lose focus and let our obligations and purposes slip through our shaking hands. Instead of continuing on with life as planned, we become distracted and let the prevailing winds of our emotions determine our actions.

Inclemate weather is a certainty for everyone and it will likely come at inconvenient, unexpected times. While preparation helps tremendously, there are some storms we must simply face head-on without the benefit of shelter or respite. The loss of a job, death of a loved one, diagnosis of disease or broken relationships can strike us with hurricane impact. Our knees buckle and the brutal force continues to assault us with no sunshine in sight.

While He never promised us we'd always have sunny skies and pleasant breezes, God did promise us He'd walk by our side through every kind of weather and hold us up when we couldn't battle the beating wind and rain alone. Don't lose sight of that promise in the midst of your own storm. Continue to move forward and toward the calm that is sure to come...followed by a spectacular rainbow.

What kind of storms has God taken you through? Comment by clicking on "comments" below.
Diane Markins
*Congrats to Jeff and Jill Williams who won a copy of One Million Arrrows by posting a comment and being drawn from last week's post about teaching our kids to change the world.


Anonymous said...

My life has been more stormy than sunny I think. I try to keep my head up and smile but it's hard sometimes. I know God is preparing me for something amazing. The journey's just a rough ride! Especially when I try to take the wheel!


Jeff and JIll Williams said...

Hi Diane,

I enjoyed your Surviving Storms blog, and all the more as I read that we Won the drawing! Great! We will look forward to reading “One Million Arrows”

Jeff and Jill Williams