Sunday, April 18, 2010

Tiger: So Tired of Hearing His Name...He Finally Owes ME An Apology

"You shall not misuse the name of the LORD your God, for the LORD will not hold anyone guiltless who misuses his name." - Exodus 20:7

Tiger! Tiger! Tiger! Is it just me or is anyone else tired of hearing about this man? He's a tremendously talented golfer. I get it. He was very popular and living a charmed life. It began to come apart a bit when the world (yes even in remote villages of Africa I'm sure they're discussing it!) discovered he wasn't such a nice guy. He was cheating on his wife—his family—for years in a flagrant way. Got it. The networks interrupt regular programming when he holds a press conference. Why? What's so important for all of us to hear him say? I haven't heard a single thing that inspires or even interests me yet. Please be done!

As he repeats the same "I'm sorry" speech, reworked for the occasion, I don't feel like I need to be listening. He didn't hurt my feelings or betray my trust, because I didn't have feelings or trust him to begin with. For those who invest emotions in movie stars or athletes to whom they have no actual relationship, reconsider. If you do choose this path, invest a little more wisely. Adore them more for their true, proven character than for their talents or perceived charisma. You'll be much less at risk and won't feel the need for repeated promises of repentance from a fallen star.

It was a little disgusting to me to see the slobbering affection this man received at the Master's last weekend. As he walked the course fans cheered and shouted to welcome him back like a wounded hero returning from the war. Not even Phil Mickelsen who was playing in spite of a difficult year of supporting his wife's breast cancer battle got this kind of love. Wow!

I've heard all about how Tiger's gotten help for his addiction and anger issues. He's going to be more Zen on the course and may return to his peaceful Buddhist roots. Good for him. Maybe that's just what he needs. But if that's true, perhaps he should begin by choosing another way of expressing his frustration or disappointment while playing. Twice the mic picked up, loud and clear, this new and improved Tiger use MY God's name as an expletive. Now that's cause for him to give me an apology. I do take that personally and doubt he noticed or cared.

Congratulations to a wonderful athlete and a seemingly decent guy, Phil Mickelsen.

Your thoughts on Tiger, misplaced hero-worship or other related issues?


Bart Turner said...

Thanks for another thought provoking column this morning Diane. I often wonder: What is is about us humans that makes us so fixiated on celebrity? Why do we "worship" athletes, politicians, musicians, actors, and yes, sometimes even clergy, to the point we do? Is it as compensation for something we feel we lack? For inspiration, that we may hone our talents as fine? And, why do we take it so personally when we discover they have all the failings as the rest of us mere mortals?

Keep up your good work -- just don't fall for anyone who offers you celebity! (grin)

Joni Corby said...

I totally agree with your analysis of the "Tiger" situation. ENOUGH! Contrast this man with another who really is worthy of emulating-Kurt Warner. He is speaking at my son's church today on the importance of family. He is one that we truly can look up to...He honors God with his life and his lips. He lives out what he believes with his family as well. He is certainly not a perfect man, but an honest and God-fearing one.

Diane Markins said...

Bart, I'll be on guard for anyone putting me on a pedestal because I'm not great with heights. I seem to be pretty safe so far. :)

*If you'd like to watch Kurt Warner's presentation about parenting this is the link:

Joni Corby said...

The Warner presentation will be available on Tuesday online.

Jeff and JIll Williams said...

Thank you for writing what I've been thinking, Diane!

Blaise Pascal's words came to mind as I pondered your post, “There is a God shaped vacuum in the heart of every man which cannot be filled by any created thing, but only by God, the Creator, made known through Jesus."

And then I googled "Created to Worship". Patricia Bankhead wrote this succinct summary, "Because we were created to worship to God nothing else we do in life will fill that void. Some worship self or money, some idols, others false gods. Only when we worship God can we find true happiness and fulfillment."

I'll admit that I've participated in my share of idol-worship. I grew up during the era of the Big Red Machine (Pete Rose and co.), Michael Jordan, and more recently Lance Armstrong, Tiger, Brent Roethlesberger. Google any of them and the top 10 to 20 hits are reports of how they have tarnished their legacy and disappointed their fans...sad, but human, and expected for all of us lest we wholeheartedly trust and obey the One True GOD-MAN, instead of making men God's.

The Master's was quite a contrast in lives and lifestyle. A couple in love with each other, and a golfer still boyishly joyful about the game of golf, vs. a champion alone, without any of his family present, swearing at himself and profaning the name of God for anything less than perfection.

Jesus loves you Tiger. I pray you get to know him as the Only One that will never disappoint...and help you to be the source of fewer disappointments for your family and fans.

Jeff Williams,

Ally Johnson said...

Very well said as usual Diane. I'm really tired of hearing about Tiger too as well as the rest of the slogs like Jesse Ventura who don't realize what they've got, or appreciate the woman in their life. It's a sad state of affairs ...when my Yahoo homepage reports that Paris Hilton has broken up with her that I say, "Who Cares?" Aren't there many more important things to look at and focus on?

Anonymous said...

Thought-provoking, Diane, as always. We can't lose sight of Paul's words in Romans 3:23 that "all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God." When we ascribe divinity to humans -- and that's what hero worship is -- we are bound to be disappointed. Yes, Tiger made a mess of his life. But we made a god of him before that ever happened. Shame on him -- and shame on us.

Doug Carroll