Sunday, March 9, 2008

Listeners Pay for Free Speech

You might have already guessed, but I’m a word junkie. I love words and how they convey meaning. Some people are better with words than others. I wonder sometimes if there should be licensing required before people speak in public. They use bad grammar, ramble endlessly and the only adjectives they know are prohibited by the FCC. This often happens at pro ball games where fans go unchecked in their shrieking diatribes.

Another thought about words: I keep hoping some of them will die but they just won’t. Expressions like, “my bad” or “come with” just sound stupid to me. My personal “pet” peeve is Dawg. “What up Dawg? No way, Dawg!” On and on it goes. It sounds tired and passé but still it lives on in some conversations. And nearly as bad is Dawg’s close cousin Dude. Often dude is a full sentence all by itself and has many meanings according to the way it’s uttered and the body language accompanying it. It just seems to sustain its own life with no end in sight.

Ebonics is an entire language that I don’t quite understand. Where did the need come from to develop a deviated version of a perfectly good language? What are the rules? No kidding, I wish someone would explain it to me. Please send me the style manual and dictionary so I’m not making gross errors in my attempt to decipher its meaning.

When a girl is described as “cool” this is a reference to her personality. When she is said to be “hot” the reference is to her appearance. I think “cool” probably referred to both back in the ‘50s. Meanings change but some expressions don’t go away. Sucks is another really lovely word used freely to describe something bad. Who started that and why? Let’s find him…he should be punished!

The all-time great misused and over-used word has to be awesome. Well, it is an awesome word! The Webster’s definition of awe is, “To strike or inspire with reverential fear or respect.” How many times have you heard (or maybe even said) something like, “This restaurant is awesome…that guy is awesome…the cake here is awesome.” I can honestly say I’ve never felt reverential fear or respect for a restaurant, any human or even the cake at Claim Jumper. I know I’m guilty of misusing the word, but truly it should be reserved for God or some of His majestic creations.

Dude! I’ve used up my quota of words so um, like if you can think of another truly bad expression that won’t die, post it for all to see. Fo shizzo!
Diane Markins


--jeff said...

great job...right up until the "fo shizzo" part. the next thing you can write about is the text message crap. people write "lol" for laughing out loud, "txt" for text message, "jk" for just kidding, and "omg" for oh my gosh. that list goes on and on too. i think that too will only get worse and more annoying.

Marilynn said...

"You know what I mean" unfortunately I do use this sometimes when I don't know the right word to say what I mean. So I go around in circles talking and eventually say "You know what I mean"
As you can see here I need you Diane to work with me on creating a bigger vocabulary using those "Big fun words", they get you to your point without babbling on and on. Diane I am your student when will class begin?