Sunday, March 2, 2008

That'll Leave a Mark

Your car door swings open wide and thuds into the shiny new sports car next to it. You turn a corner too fast as you are walking down the hall and bump into your dresser. After just applying lipstick, you plant a big kiss on your child’s forehead. All these thinks leave a mark. None of them are desirable or will be particularly pretty.

But what kind of mark are you making each day as you live your life? I asked a man recently what his passion was and he replied that he didn’t think he had any passion. We had just finished talking about his growing business; the sense of responsibility he felt for his employees, the obligation he assumed of doing quality work for his clients, the long hours he and his wife invested…and he was very passionate. He just couldn’t think of anything else that struck that same kind of chord inside him. I believe there is something lurking deep within his sole that he hasn’t tapped into yet. Maybe because he doesn’t slow down long enough to recognized what it is, maybe because it’s not right on the surface, but I know it’s there somewhere for him and all of us.

It is my truest belief that each of us was created with a unique set of gifts and when taken as a whole, these gifts create a package. Each of us—because of our upbringing, our life experiences, our education, hobbies and relationships—have developed into a fully formed vessel that carries wonderful possibilities.

The Bucket List, a movie in theaters now, is causing quite a stir. I’ve heard several friends recite their remaining goals, aspirations and wild dreams yet to be realized. Some of these are crazy, unlikely and impractical. Some are very do-able. Some are for sheer joy, some are hugely meaningful.

It is easy to go through life doing what we must each day to fulfill that day’s requirements, to the exclusion of accomplishing things outside that parameter. Jumping out of an airplane, building a soup kitchen, developing a ministry that will change the lives of many with our mere (but unique) voice…these things get by us. Then one day we slow down long enough to think about life, time and how we’re spending it and it dawns on us that we’ve already missed lots of opportunities to complete some of our desires.

Passion is an elusive thing. It has to be pondered to be defined. I think we each have passion locked in us that can only be realized when we are actively using our one-of-a-kind gift package to do those things God wants each of us to do. “What God wants me to do”… that sounds kind of like work doesn’t it?

Think again! If you feel a burning desire to climb a tall mountain: Do it! Find your bliss! Just as long as while you are trekking up, you do it with integrity and after you reach the summit, you acknowledge that it was only with God’s grace.

Ponder and pursue your passions! There is a blank canvas awaiting your design. Don’t let life get in the way of using all that you are to make a lasting mark while you’re here. Tell me what you did this week that left a mark.

Diane Markins


HisGirl said...

Apparently there has been some technical issue with posting comments because I've gotten several emails from people who've tried unsuccessfully. I'm going to check into it, but please keep trying. I've loved your comments.

john.mitman said...

Definitely! I'm still young and have quite a lot to learn but I've found that the deepest happiness comes when you follow your passions. Hope that I can constantly remind myself that God is the reason for that passion in life, and without him I'd be definitely lost right now! haha :)

HisGirl said...

John- you are so far ahead of the game! If you "get" this when you're young, you won't miss nearly as many amazing opportunities that will present themselves in your life!