Sunday, June 7, 2009

Not-So-Green Bug Mentality: Oh So Politically Incorrect!

Chemicals, Shoes, or Other Methods are Fine... Bugs Don't Rule in My World!
When you think of "resort hotel" images of immense azure pools, elegant d├ęcor, massage therapists and fine dining come to mind, right? The last thing your brain associates is creepy crawly critters. But that is exactly what I've experienced on more than one occasion.

Several years ago I stayed at a well-known resort in Scottsdale with a friend for a girl's weekend. We were escorted to the casita by a nice young guy, enjoyed a poolside beverage and ate a lovely dinner. As we were preparing for bed my friend rearranged her pillows before climbing into her cozy 600 thread-count sheets and let out a shriek. "Is that a scorpion?" she demanded. Doubtful, considering our surroundings, I began to hunt the elusive beast down. We located him and clamped a water glass over him to store as evidence.

After our heart rates came back to a normal range from this impromptu safari, we called to express our dismay to the manager...

A couple weeks ago my husband and I had a little mini-vacation by the Colorado River at a "resort casino" along with our daughter and her friend. The property is lovely with a giant wall of glass four stories high over-looking the river. This is a great location for us because of its proximity to home and because the marina is steps away from the guest rooms. We keep our boat in a slip, getting on the water in minutes for each outing. But as we headed to our room the sidewalk was like a tiny interstate during rush hour...heavily trafficked with enormous sewer roaches. I hop-scotched my way forward as my husband set his glass of juice on a ledge to pull out his key card. By the time he retrieved the drink a quarter-pounder was taking a bath in it. These monsters were closer to animals than bugs. Ugh!

Upon our arrival home I emailed the manager about this experience.

In both instances the responses were the same; "This is the desert/water and there are scorpions/roaches living here. I'm sorry but we can't really do much about it. We see them all the time."

I'm going to reveal a little sliver of my true not-so-green character now. I don't like bugs and would be much happier if our paths never crossed again. It doesn't bother me to think of them being exterminated. Kill them or make them go where I'm not! Particularly when I shell out a large amount of money for the privilege of being pampered and pest-free. (I may be writing a post in the future about how spoiled most of us are, especially me! But that's another topic.)

The point? Just because an area is previously occupied or inhabited it doesn't mean the new-comers don't have jurisdiction. I believe fully that God has given humans "dominion" over all other creatures. Yes, I believe we need to be good stewards of the earth and NEVER abuse animals but there are times and places when we can't share the same space. When this happens, the creepy crawlers have to go. As urban developers do their due diligence, every activist in the area can lodge protests and prove whether a spotted green-bellied cockroach or spiny pink milkweed will be endangered. If not, get rid of them and let the people enjoy a pest-free vacation.

Agree? Completely disagree? Tell me why below.

Diane Markins


Anonymous said...

Loved your bug piece….totally gross about the roaches….I love the creatures of the earth but I figure God must have been really pissed off the day he made giant roaches AND gave some of them wings!!!!
Paula, Southern Cal

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